Frequently Asked Questions

About California Language Academy

Where are you located?

Our Los Angeles location is on the Westside of Los Angeles, just 5 minutes north of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). We are conveniently located near many freeways and public transportation. We are also centrally located for many of Los Angeles’s great sites and activities including Hollywood, Venice Beach, Disneyland and much more. Our San Diego location is located in Downtown San Diego, a 2 minute walkt to the famous Gaslamp District.

What age are the students?

We have taught students of all ages from 12 to 65 years old! The average age of most of our students are between 20 and 28 years old. During our Group Study Tour programs, the average age is 12 to 17 years old.

What is the nationality mix?

We have a wide variety of nationalities and the classrooms are generally fairly integrated. We do our best to keep the classrooms as diverse as possible with students from all over the world. The nationality mix changes greatly from season to season and nationality mix reports are available when requested at any given time. We have students from over 45 different countries.

How big are the classes?

The average class size for our English and Foreign Language Programs is 4 – 6 students with the maximum of 10 students these classes. The maximum for our Group Study Tour is 15 per class, and the maximum number of students in our On-Site Business English program is 10 students in one class. We are one of the only language schools that maintains small class sizes in order provide personalized attention to each of our students.

How qualified are the teachers?

All of our teachers are highly qualified, professional and passionate about the success of our students. We require all of our teachers to be certified in teaching English as a foreign language and have experience teaching ESL. We also have a very rigorous training process to ensure that each of our teachers understands the needs of our students and the goals of our school.

About our Programs

Are all of the classes held in the language of study?

Yes. All of our language programs are conducted in the language of study. For example, all of our English classes are taught in English. Our teachers are highly skilled in teaching English as a foreign language to international students of any level.

When do the courses begin?

Students may start any of our English Language Programs on any Monday. Our Foreign Language Programs have classes that begin every six weeks. While our Group Study Tours and On-site Business English Programs can be customizable to any start date.

How long can I study?

Students may study for any length of time in weekly increments with a minimum of one week for Part-time Programs and eight weeks for Full-time Programs. The maximum length of study will depend on the limitations of your visa. California Language Academy also offers a discounts for students who book for greater periods of time.

How many levels are there?

California Language Academy offers 6 levels, beginner through advanced.

How will I know my level?

On your first day, our staff will give you a level assessment consisting of a grammar test, a writing sample and an interview. Based on this exam, you will be placed into the appropriate level for each class.

What happens on the first day of my course?

On the first day of your course, please arrive at school at least 15 minutes before your course is scheduled to begin. The Student Services staff will collect any balances owed and make a copy of your passport to keep on file while you take a level assessment and complete the enrollment agreements. When your assessment is complete, you will be given an orientation of the school, the course, the activities, the materials, introduced to teachers, and the other students. You will be given your specific level information and materials prior to the start of class on your second day.

What should I bring to school?

Please bring something to write with and a notebook. We highly recommend using pencils instead of pens for note taking and writing in your textbooks. Highlighters are also excellent tools to have. Textbooks and handouts will be given to you and should be brought to class with you every day.

When do I move levels?

Each of our programs consists of 6 levels. Each level takes approximately 12 weeks to complete. At the end of every twelve-week session, your teacher will evaluate your progress and make recommendations for students to advance to the next level. Typically, students will move one level per twelve weeks, but this depends on factors such as test results, homework assignments, class participation and attendance.

After I complete my program do I receive a certificate?

Yes! After successfully completing your enrollment each student (including individuals within a group) will receive a certificate of completion that states: the course title completed, length of time studied and final level achieved.

About Visas

Does California Language Academy issue I-20 forms?

Yes! California Language Academy is officially certified by SEVP to host full-time students and create initial I-20s for the F-1 student visa. California Language Academy has a fantastic family owned and operated full-time program for General English, Exam Preparation, and Business English.

Must I get a student visa?

There are a couple things you should know about English courses and visa requirements.First, you can study on a tourist visa in the United States for the length of your visa, which is normally 3 months. On the tourist visa, you can study in a part time program less than 20 hours per week. Second, you can study longer than 3 months in the US, but you have to enroll in a full-time course that is 20 hours or more each week. California Language Academy has a fantastic full-time program for General English, Exam Preparation, and Business English.

About Accommodation and Activity Services

What can I do in my free time?

At California Language Academy we have a dedicated Student Services Manager who arranges after school and weekend excursions. We offer a variety of cultural and social activities each month to provide even more opportunities for you to practice your English and learn about the culture in the U.S. On a monthly basis we create an activity calendar that shows the various events that are happening throughout Los Angeles and San Diego. Click here to see Los Angeles Activities and here to see San Diego Activities!

Can California Language Academy assist with housing?

We have a dedicated Student Services Manger who can help place you in a variety of accommodation options. Our most popular option is living with an American host family. We also offer student residences, hostels, apartments, and summer campus programs.
Click here to see Los Angeles Accommodation options and here to see San Diego Accommodation options.

About Payment

How can I pay?

California Language Academy accepts the following forms of payment: Cash, CLA’s Online Payment, Zelle (please send it to, Credit Card,  International Money Order; Bank Check (drawn on a U.S. account), and bank wire transfers.

Need some help?

Tell us here so our team can answer your questions!
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