The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) exam is required for business professionals needing to show an excellent level of English in order to advance in their careers and for Business Management degree candidates who need to show their level of English comprehension for graduation from a degree program. This course is designed to not only provide you with the skills to successfully pass the test, but we also provide you with the skills to successfully continue learning in an academic English only setting.

TOEIC Program Highlights

  • Increase the overall TOEIC score.
  • Refine techniques in test taking and develop a higher level of confidence.
  • Improve strategies to help strengthen existing language skills and connect with skills.
  • Learn to analyze and explain a variety of informational texts, including memos, emails, articles, reports, forms, tables, and charts.
  • Review and expand the knowledge of advanced grammar.
  • Focus on adapting general English skills to the specific requirements of the TOEIC exam.
  • Study on a Student or Tourist Visa (see Visa Regulations)
  • Affordable tuition costs and discounts available for long-term enrollment (see Tuition Fees)

“California Language Academy was a great experience for me, I learned a lot with personalized classes, small groups, fun activities outside of the classroom, lunch together in special occasions, everything to practice our lessons, very friendly staff, I really recommend this English school.” ~ Briana Martinez, Mexico



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