We believe language is living and vibrant. It must be EXPERIENCED in order to be fully appreciated and understood. We further believe that learning a language is not just done through a book, but through reading, writing, speaking, and listening to the language (the four learning objectives). We offer General English Programs, Business and Exam Preparation Programs, Foreign Languages, Private Lessons and more. Our teachers are all warm, caring, certified, and experienced teachers who want to get to know the real you! Come to CLA and see for yourself. Study in our modern facilities in Los Angeles.

Our Modern facilities in Los Angeles


Nationality Mix

With our diverse nationality mix, the common language is English, which further advances your English skills.


Nearest shopping center: Two within 5 min walk.
Nearest bus stop: Across the street.
Nearest coffee shop: Across the street.
Nearest restaurant: Across the street.
Nearest supermarket: 20 minutes’ walk.
Nearest park: 5 minutes’ walk.
Nearest mosque: 20 minutes by bus.
Nearest church: 5 minutes’ walk.
Nearest post office: 10 minutes by bus.
Nearest bank: 15 minutes’ walk.

• Walking distance to public transportation
• Close to beaches like Venice, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach
• Located in Silicon Beach, next to companies like Google, Yahoo!, YouTube, Microsoft and many more!
• Near attractions like Hollywood, Disneyland, Beverly Hills and Universal Studios
• Average sunny days: 292
• Los Angeles County coastline is 75 miles long
• Average temperature: 63.8°F (17.7°C)
• Los Angeles County has 10 million residents
• Movie, Music and Art Lovers
• Surfers, Swimmers and Outdoor Enthusiasts


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