Exploring “Americas finest city”
July 27th, 2017

Experiencing life in the city is an important part of going to school here at CLA San Diego. We encourage students to get out of the classroom and learn on the go to apply their English skills in the real world. One great example is our Picture Scavenger Hunt in downtown. We split into teams and each team had to complete each challenge before the other to win the prize at the end. Since nobody in the team spoke the same language, the only way of communicating was to speak English! They were given several tasks and had to complete them by taking pictures with other team members or the team. My favorite for sure was the part where they balanced the spoon on their noses. *hahaha*

This is a great way for our students to learn, connect and enjoy walking the Gaslamp quarter of downtown San Diego. We are so fortune to be able to use our location to help enhance our classes. Our teachers and students are not only learning in the classroom. using a textbook, but also have many opportunities to take part in the different events that come to the downtown San Diego area.
Our students had a blast creating some amazing pictures and will have the memories to last them for a lifetime.

Eduardo from Brazil said “I loved taking the group picture when we all had to jump in the air at the same time. We worked hard to get the best picture.“

In the summer, we offer educational field trips and in July Comic Con International is in the convention center right here in downtown. We have so many wonderful opportunities to take part in the things that are constantly going on around us. We hope to see you soon and can’t wait for you to join us here in beautiful San Diego, California.

Yours, Rachel (Student Services Manager, San Diego)