#DiegoOnTour in Brazil
April 20th, 2017


March 28th, 2017 | Salvador

Our Senior Regional Manager had a busy month, visiting agents and students all over Brazil and he had a fantastic time! We asked him to tell us a little more about his experience…

#DiegoOnTour in Brazil

“It was the beginning of March, which meant it was time to go back on the road again! As the Senior Regional Manager of CLA, I am already used to that and really love having the opportunity to attend new events, meet new people, talk to former and future students and agents. This way I can help people to make their dreams become reality, which is super rewarding to me and my ultimate goal! This time I went to Alphe São Paulo, one of the biggest workshops for agents and educators in Brazil. In January CLA also participated in the same workshop the beautiful country of Spain! The experience being in São Paulo for a few days was great and the event was really important to improve and strengthen our presence and relationships we have with all the great agents in Latin America. It was rewarding to see more and more agents and students looking specifically for our programs, saying beautiful things about our schools which they have heard from friends and family. After São Paulo, it was time to visit one of the most beautiful cities of the whole world – Rio de Janeiro! During my stay in Rio de Janeiro I enjoyed visiting our partners in a city not far away, called Nitéroi, also gorgeous just like Rio de Janeiro! Lastly, I spent the free time and weekend visiting the famous spots of Rio de Janeiro! My insider tip to explore any city is: rent a bike and go for a ride!! That is my favorite thing to explore any city. What was really funny this time is that after I went for a long bike ride, I was surprised by a local TV Show asking me to give an interview. Hahah! I will be on TV for the first time! 😊 Yours, Diego”

To contact Diego to talk about our programs and courses or to form a great partnership with CLA; please contact agents@CLA.edu