Is teaching your passion? Do you love getting to know students from all over the world who are in Los Angeles and San Diego to study English, learn about the American culture and build friendships that last a lifetime? Do you want to be part of a family-run and operated school and make students feel like part of the family? Then working at CLA is the perfect opportunity for you. We are always interested in meeting people who have the same passion and interests as we do.

CLA Team Highlights

  • We are a family run and operated school and our team members are part of the family
  • We learn from our students and provide a tolerant space for students to be who they are
  • We are an intimate language experience and always have our student’s interest and goals in mind
  • We will do everything we can to help students adapt to the American way of life
  • We believe that learning is vibrant and must be experienced in order to be fully understood

If you are interested in becoming a member of the CLA Team, send your resume and cover letter to jobs@CLA.edu.