Are you interested in becoming a homestay for international students? We get a lot of inquiries from students from all over the world who are interested in studying English while living with a local American homestay. At California Language Academy, students are welcomed into the homestay and treated like they are part of the family. All of our homestays receive our CLA “Home-Sweet-Home” training. Become a Homestay now!

“We had a GREAT time hosting David and Hamilton! This was our first experience and the boys were so kind. They played games with our children Kennedi and Daniel. I will never forget how we all played “Hide-Go-Seek” one night and David and Hamilton helped the kids hide in the closet. It took me almost 10 mins to find them!!!! It was AWESOME! If they ever return to the states, they’ll always have a place to stay!!!!! (Keli and Daniel, Homestay)

“Home-Sweet-Home” Highlights

  • Our hosts have warm and caring homes
  • Hosts help our students adapt to the American culture, way of living and language
  • English only zone!
  • A tolerant space to be who they are
  • Family time during the evenings and on weekends to to get to know students
  • Provide a quiet, clean and motivating space to do homework, study and enjoy
  • Breakfast and dinner Monday through Friday and breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends

Become a Homestay

To become a Homestay at CLA, please fill out the application below and we will get in touch with you very soon.