CLA at WeWork in San Diego
June 7th, 2017

We believe language is living and vibrant! It must be experienced to be fully appreciated and understood. So we incorporate activities into our weekly lessons so that you confidently apply your language skills! Last week our students went to WeWork in San Diego to learn all about it. Read what they have to say about WeWork.

“WeWork is a modern company.  The place is amazing.  There are many types of chairs and sofas for visitors and lessees.  We started the visit seeing the types of offices.  The people who work in this building seem so good and friendly, the ambiance is exciting with people from different professional backgrounds.  There are several types of offices with their respective prices.  According to your type of office, you have various benefits; for example, how many hours you can have access to the meeting room.  I would like to work there because the price is good and the amenities are perfect for my job.” – Eduardo Rodrigues Muraishi, Brazil
“I went to WeWork and they showed us the building and how they work inside there.  I felt good because for me what they are doing is a very good idea.  There are work areas and offices that they rent per month.  You can have different benefits like a patio, a kitchen, and other things.  The people that rent the office there are businessmen; so they are not young people, but all the WeWork employees are young.  I wouldn’t want to work there because I don’t like working in offices.”  – Andrea Carbonaro, Italy
Thank you WeWork for showing us around and giving us a behind the scenes tour of your creative spaces!