Origins of Valentine’s Day
February 15th, 2018

We all know what Valentine’s Day is, but do you know the history behind this popular celebration? Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day, is named after several martyrs (all named Valentinus) of the Roman Empire. Although Valentine’s Day has a religious meaning, the common reason to celebrate the day is – love. There are… Read more »

Driving in the US when you are a foreigner
February 7th, 2018

Our intern from France, Domitille, just bought her own car in California. She had so many questions before she was able to hit the road. So, in this blog, she is explaining what you need to look out for and what you can expect!  Having a car in California can be really helpful if you… Read more »

Study abroad, what can you expect?
January 19th, 2018

Everything is ready, you are so excited to start your new adventure and you will be leaving soon to come study in the United States! You might wonder how you will adapt to your new environment, right? Here’s a tip, you might feel a bit lost but it won’t last, I swear! Let me show… Read more »

Staff Spotlight, Janine ( Director of Marketing and Operations)
January 11th, 2018

Los Angeles, California This week, our Director of Marketing and Operations, Janine, is under the spotlight! Janine has been with us for 5 years and she is the creative head behind our awesome website and our marketing strategy! Here’s everything you need to know about her! Q: Where did you go to college? What degrees do… Read more »

CLA San Diego Interview with SD Voyager
January 4th, 2018

Check out Ari’s & Alissa’s interview talking about CLA San Diego in SDVoyager! To read the entire interview and get some tips on how to enjoy San Diego, click here!     Q: So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story…. Read more »

Residence Highlight: Vantaggio Gaslamp
December 8th, 2017

San Diego, California Are considering to come to San Diego to learn English, but you are not sure about what type of accommodation you should choose? Should you stay with an American Homestay? Should you live by yourself or share an apartment? We know that choosing the right accommodation option in San Diego is important for your experience… Read more »

Why should you study English abroad?
November 8th, 2017

Los Angeles, California Hello everyone! Another blog post here from the Los Angeles Student Services Manager and your Ambassador of Fun, Grant. Today I want to talk about studying abroad. Here at CLA, one of the most important qualifications for any of our staff is time spent abroad, whether teaching, living or studying. Learning any… Read more »

Staff Spotlight, Grant (Ambassador of Fun and Student Services Manager LA)
November 3rd, 2017

Los Angeles, California This week we want to introduce our fantastic Ambassador of Fun and Student Services Manager, Grant. Grant has been with us for 5 months now and has brought a lot of fun and laugh to CLA Los Angeles. We spoke to him so that you can get to know him as well as we do…. Read more »

Why I chose CLA?!
October 16th, 2017

Written by Amy, Student Services Manager at CLA San Diego After graduating from California State University San Marcos with a degree in literature and Writing, I decided to move abroad to Madrid, Spain. There, I taught English to adults and to children both in the classroom and at home. I fell in love with teaching… Read more »

Star Awards Gala, London
September 26th, 2017

Alphe UK & Star Awards Gala London, written by Diego Silva (Director of Recruitment) CLA had the pleasure and honor to be nominated for Best English Language School in North America to win one of the best awards of the travel industry, the Star Travel Award. In the beginning of September, it was time to travel… Read more »